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The four pillars of Episcopal belief are Scripture, Reason, Tradition & Experience. We believe we are called to love everyone, with no exceptions. Ours is an ancient faith, but a modern one too.

Each week we have readings from the Bible and we listen for the inspired Word of God.  Sermons (homilies) are based on the weekly scripture readings, but because the Good Book was written by humans we draw on knowledge and reason to interpret the Bible’s meaning—and not literal interpretation of every word.

Episcopalians are free to apply their God-given minds to reason, interpret and comprehend God’s works and wisdom.  We study, seek meanings, and welcome questions.  It is normal to have doubts. (The disciples did, too.) We are asked to make a faithful journey in communion with other seekers and searchers. Our understandings are therefore tested in/by the community of faith. Science is welcome here too. Jesus died to take away your sins, not your mind.

We have inherited many valuable traditions from the time of the Apostles. We seek a universal Church for everyone, everywhere. We are called to love everyone. Asking what God calls us to do in the here and now is balanced by the collective wisdom of the church, the essential truths, developed over the centuries of practice in creeds, liturgies and traditions.  Yet, because ours is a living, growing faith, we must welcome new truths discerned through prayer and informed by reason and practice. This is how change happens.

We experience the faith by putting it into practice.  We are called not just to prayer, worship, liturgy and meditation, but to study, act, and stand for justice.  We know more of God, by acting in God’s name to do his work in the world. Give us a try. We'll see you Sunday at 9:30.


Saints Martha and Mary Episcopal Church
4180 Lexington Avenue South
Eagan, Minnesota 55123

On the corner of Lexington Ave. S. and Diffley Rd.

Phone: 651-681-0219
Email: office@mandm.org 

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Sundays, 9:30 AM Holy Eucharist (Communion)

Communion is open to all persons